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Faith [userpic]

not__like__you how fickle fate can be

September 7th, 2005 (06:06 pm)

So being bitten by a vamp? Gotta say I never expected to like it so much, not that I really had too much time to dwell on the best fucking orgasm in my entire life because I was busy dying. Not really so bad now that I think about it. Always did have a death wish anyways and it's not like i'm really regretting the whole thing now. Did seem to miss out on the intended party in soul boy's head though, now that trip I woulda loved to take.

Also, waking up in Angel's bed feeling better than I ever have before? Now that was the kind of plus I was fine with having. Didn't have all those pesky little worries I'd been dealing with the past couple of years. Honestly I didn't even realize I was all suped up with vamp mojo till I took a look in the mirror, looked like Angelus made me his pet after all, or didn't look like really since I wasn't there staring back at me.

It was too fucking cool, I could feel the power in my body, signing in my blood. Did I really just think something I heard from Angelus? Ha, Guessed I had. Fuck Me!

I booked it out of the hotel the second I realized that Willow and Buffy were on their way to soul up MY SIRE. Could have tried to stop them, but I figured it wasn't the best idea with so many armed people and more than one with superpowers. Besides they'd been too fucked up dealing with Angel and his poor little guilt about killing me that they may not even realize I'm gone till I'm way out of town.

Course once I got fed on a cute little cheerleader walking home way too late at night I realized what fun I could have. Plus the fact that me? Pretty much a super vamp with slayer blood still inside pumping me up for more action than any of them are ready for. What do I have to loose? Don't exactly want to be dust but the chance to pay B back? And soul boy? Do you think anyone in my position would turn that down?

I didn't think so, I found myself a nice ass crib filled with tastey little boys, I turned the hot one but just to keep me company while I'm fucking with all the people who tried to pretend they care and those that don't. They think they can kill me? Ha, I'd like to see them try.

I made my way to the hotel and just watched as B, Wes and Gunn went out, probably looking for my fine ass, noticed Angel wasn't with them and I could practically smell the tension coming off B in waves. Didn't smell the witch so maybe I'm safe as far as a fucking re-ensoulment. What? I'm not going to be the next case on Angel's guilt trip, I had enough of that with all the bertha's in jail and his oh so woe is me visits. Fuck him and his redemption.

Plus, I want to play. Maybe I can even get my sire back, playing with Angelus? Now that's an eternity I can look forward to.

Angel left the building like an hour later and fuck if I couldn't feel him like he was standing next to me. Maybe there was something to this sire thing. So I followed him and I was well aware he knew I was following him, like I said something to this sire thing. I fell instep behind him and he stopped walking immediately.

"Hey Angel."

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