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Faith [userpic]


July 12th, 2004 (02:13 pm)

Waking up in a hospital, not exactly my idea of a good time. Waking up wicked hungry with a gaurd at the door, sends off little alarms in my head. So I punch out the nurse and sneak my way out of the coma ward. Gotta say, Sunny D's police are not the brightest in the barrel.

Knocked out some chick and took her clothes, made my way to my place, dust covered and all my shit'd been scavenged. Least there was some leather left, everyone knows I'd be wicked uncomfortable without my leathers. Figured Boss's plan was a bust since the D's still around, and my welcoming committee was late. Wondered where the man was, only one person coulda stopped him so I'd guessed finding B was what would get me my answers.

Didn't count on the man leaving me a vid, cute little note with his sympathies and a gift. Didn't know what the sucker did but I figured I'd hold on to it. Had a bad urge to go pummel B's face, so I tracked her down, we threw down she kept up her holier than thou shit and I find out Angel's gone.

She gutted me so her boy toy could live and he's not even around anymore? Man that's fucked up, I don't know whose stupider, him or her. But as much as I wanted B in her own grave, I wasn't looking to stick around and end up in mine, gotta say she surprised me with that almost killing me thing, but hey, go B. Whatever, I wasn't going to play second fiddle to her anymore, even if I was on the "wrong side" or whatever she wanted to call it.

Not sure how to get the cops off my tail yet, maybe lay a little low, head out and see Soul Boy, cause I'm betting playing with him will be a lot more enjoyable than watching B screw up her own life, she doesn't need me to do it for her anymore. I am wicked horny though, might have to find me a piece.

LA, yeah I like the sound of that. Soul Boy and I have some unfinished business.